The dropshipping is a new sales model by which the seller sells a product to an end user without actually owning it in his warehouse.
Indeed, the entire warehouse is lacking to be precise.
No box, no storage, no shelf.
The seller, after the sale, will send the order to the supplier (technically called dropshipper) which will send the product directly to the end customer.
How it works: The seller (traditional or online) not having employees and / or a warehouse where to stock the goods is addressed to one or more suppliers in dropshipping with which he stipulates an agreement in order to have a large catalog of products to sell .
The warehouse is virtual, but the goods are real.
In this way the seller is exclusively concerned with the advertising of the products without the relative duties connected to the packaging and shipping processes that are instead the responsibility of the supplier.
A simplification of the sales process: every person involved deals exclusively with his or her duties.
The main problem is to find the suppliers / producers who have decided to embrace this new universe in the sea of ​​opportunities and information that the Network offers us. How to find them?
It is soon said, we can turn to an aggregator. A platform that brings together sellers and suppliers in dropshipping, a site that does not waste time providing us with addresses and cards of companies willing to immediately close an agreement.
A name? A site that offers sellers a rich list of dropshipping suppliers they can consult to launch their business, suppliers are instead offered a high-level advertising showcase, the concrete possibility of increasing the sales network and a better positioning of their companies on search engines. is a complete portal that will guide you through the opportunities offered by dropshipping and will save you time in finding the right business partner.
Time is money, it must not be wasted.